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Mara Serena Safari LodgeMara Serena Safari Lodge is the perfect silhouette perched on the saddle of a hill. The Mara Serena Safari Lodge has one of the most spectacular views imaginable across the vast plains that are the wild trademark of the great Mara reserve.

The Mara Serena safari lodg
e is located right at the epicenter of the grand finale, the culmination of an endless journey led instinctively by a matriarch in search of greener pastures – The great wildebeest migration. This is an annual remarkable event happening between the months of August and November involving over a million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle as they cross over from the drier Serengeti into the lush Masai Mara, a journey not without obstacles, often faced with wild predators lurking in the wilderness and crocodile infested rivers crossings.

This is a spectacle of a lifetime recently dubbed the new Seven Wonders of the World, only the Mara and Serengeti eco-system has to offer.

The hotel has been designed to mirror a traditional Masai village or Manyatta and all the guest rooms are located in individual domed huts grouped in a circular manner. The furnishings of each room have been inspired by traditional Masai art and each one has a private balcony with views that stretch over the vast African landscape.
Mara Serena Guest Room
Facilities & Services
• Spacious rooms with private balconies
• Swimming pool
• A restaurant overlooking the water hole
• Relaxing Massages and beauty shop
• Game drives in the reserve
• Optional balloon safaris
• Evening cocktail parties at the water holes watching the Hippos as the wallow
• Bush barbecues
• Maasai cultural shows
• Conference facilities

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