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severin safari campSeverin Safari Camp is situated near the Mzima Springs in the Tsavo West National Park with view to the Chyulu Hills and the snow caped Mt. Kilimanjaro.

It has a layout of 20 double crescent tents shaded by Makuti and bisected by an open-sided dining room and a bar looking out on two waterholes, and the adjacent plains.

The tents are spacious and nicely appointed with en-suite facilities, hot showers and bedside lamps. Dinners and lunches are normally a la carte, unless very large number of guests has to be catered for.

The added attractions of Tsavo National Park are the historical poachers lookout, the stunning view of the El Turesh Valley, the roaring rocks, and the Tsavo River, which make a visit to the Tsavo National Park among the things to do while in Kenya.

The unfenced camp was built alongside an old self-service banda site, Kitani Bandas (which Severin overhauled in 2001 and now manage together with the main lodge). Arriving at the camp, you pull up right outside the reception area and the shop selling local crafts and souvenirs. Straight ahead is the main dining area, bar and lounge terrace (well shaded to cope with the area’s high temperatures), with bar stools, comfy sofas, and views directly into the bush over a number of small waterholes. There’s a firepit nearby, for sundowners or after-dinner drinks.

While most lodges aim for a vantage point to provide guests with a spectacular view of the landscape and wildlife below, Severin stretches out on the flat plain itself, and the animals are all around – and in – the camp. You’re witness to an unending display of warthogs, giraffe, antelope, and birdlife lured by five waterholes. It all makes for a particularly direct and vibrant experience of the bush. On one of our stays, for example, we just missed a lion kill close to reception – the manager put all his guests in the camp vehicles and led them out to watch the meal.

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