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We tailor make an itinerary together and add all the costs then give you a per person cost with the number of people in your party. Each itinerary will have proposed hotels in the various locations of travel and one is free to log on to the website for more information.

We advice that you carefully read all the terms and conditions of booking your safari as well as terms of payment so as not to miss anything out. We then proceed to book and confirm your stay at all the lodges and locations and we send you the confirmations as they come in. Should there be a change for any reason, you will be advised and asked to confirm our preferred alternative. Followed strictly one should be fully paid up before arrival and all you would need then is your money for spending and buying personal souvenirs or items. Flight is not included and nor are visas and other gratuities.
We have agents in several places around the world and would be happy to refer any to you directly to help with your travel arrangements at your end.
On confirmation of your flight we will meet you at your preferred airport into Kenya for onward transfer to the start of your safari and itinerary.
On our meeting, we will have a briefing to introduce you to your guide and go over your itinerary on a one on one basis. We will also equip you with all that you need for your safari including complementary bottled water, basic map and knowledge of the area.

The service will end on your drop off at the departure port and we will transfer you to this point.

Specialist Safaris -  Specialist safaris may include adventures such as; mountain climbing, hiking, biking, cultural visits, volunteer services, film services and outward bound consultancy services.



Kenya offers the traveler a wide range of accommodation options from youth hostels to five star luxury suites, from pitching a tent in the wilderness to relaxing a private beachside villa.

Hotels – Kenya has a great variety of hotel accommodations. Nairobi has an excellent range of hotels including many well-appointed hotels of international standards with full facilities for tourists and business travelers. City center hotels tend to be high rises on city streets with lots of nearby shops and activities. Outside of the city center, hotels are usually low rise, have grounds and are less prone to traffic noise. Many hotels are undertaking major renovations, with state of the art business centers and bright new décor. Other cities and large towns all have a good range of hotel accommodations. Small boutique hotels are also becoming increasingly popular, in Nairobi, on the coast and in the wilderness areas. Several hotel chains operate within Kenya and rank among the best in Africa.

Beach Resorts – There are many resorts along the north and south coast of Kenya that cater to beach loving guests. There are five star international resort hotels with casinos, nightclubs and international restaurants. Some also offer all-inclusive arrangements. There are also simpler accommodations to meet more modest budgets.

Lodges – Safari lodges in Kenya offer hotel-style comforts and accommodations in the wilderness. Standards vary from the rustic to luxury. Effort is usually made to design lodges that blend into their environment, with an emphasis on all natural local building materials and use of traditional art and decoration. Most lodges serve meals and have lounges and bars, often with excellent views overlooking waterholes or salt licks that attract game. Many have resident naturalists, as well as guides for organized walks and game drives. Lodges are found throughout Kenya’s national parks and reserves and other wilderness areas.

Tented Camps – For those looking for the camping experience without the possible discomfort, then a tented camp is an ideal option. Tented camps offer comfort with the advantage of being close to nature. Tented camps provide the visitor with large walk in tents, complete with beds and furniture. The tent often has its own private bathroom with supplied water, showers and flush toilets. In some cases these camps are established on a mobile basis and fully stocked and equipped by a safari company. In other permanent tented camps, tents are on large raised wooden platforms with private balconies and excellent views. Most tented camps have a central dining tent or fully stocked restaurant and bar. Levels of luxury in tented camps vary from the functional through to the five star, with tents offering the standard accommodations one would expect from a top end international resort. Tented camps can be found in many of Kenya’s national parks and reserves as well as on private game ranches and sanctuaries.

Camping – A camping safari in Kenya is one of the world’s great travel adventures. Pitching a tent in the bush, gives visitors the feeling of really living in the wild. Most of Kenya’s game reserves and national parks offer campgrounds and some basic facilities. Clear tent space and long drop latrines are often available. In some campsites, water and rudimentary shelters are also provided. Many safari operators, offer camping safaris through one or more of the parks and reserves and vehicles, guides, tents and equipment as well as food and cook are all provided

Rental Homes, Apartments and Cottages – Throughout Kenya, it is possible to find excellent properties for short or long term. These vary from rustic cottages in the bush to historic Swahili mansions on the coast, from serviced city apartments to houses fronted by beautiful deserted beaches. Most rental properties come fully equipped and often staff and a cook are provided to help out with meals and cleaning. Such properties can either be booked privately or through a travel agent or safari operator.

Home-stays – Home-stays are an ideal way to experience Kenyan life. In some areas, home-stays with Kenyan families can be arranged in such a way that allows visitors to spend time in a local home and to discover the way of life of a typical household. This kind of ‘culture exchange’ tourism is popular with visiting student groups and those with an interest in Kenyan culture. At the end of the spectrum, luxury home-stays on private game ranches, sanctuaries and farms are also possible. These beautiful homes let the visitor enjoy Kenya in total luxury and privacy, with their own timetables and interests catered for by skilled and knowledgeable local guides. The real advantage of a Kenyan home-stay, is the opportunity to spend time with Kenyans and their families and to share the benefit of their many years of local experience and intimate knowledge of the country, its people and wildlife.

Accommodation Rating System – Accommodations in Kenya are divided into groups: town, hotels, vacation hotels, lodges and country hotels. Within each group, grading is according to amenities and variety of facilities. The rating is subject to the fulfillment of strict requirements concerning technical equipment, comfort, services, sanitation and security.

Dining – Kenya’s abundance of natural produce, combined with the rich variety of cultures and traditions, has created a great culinary nation. The fertile volcanic soil of the Great Rift Valley produce a bounty of fresh vegetable, while the coast is a great source of tropical fruit and fresh seafood. The coast is also the home of the world renowned Swahili cuisine, a blend of Middle Eastern and African cooking with a particular coastal twist.
The best place to sample game meat is at the famous Carnivore Restaurant, probably Kenya’s most famous restaurant in Nairobi. Kenya’s large Asian population has led to a great many Indian, Pakistani and sub-continental restaurants throughout the country. Excellent vegetarian meals can always be found alongside the best of regional Indian cuisine.

All over Kenya, the climate is ideal for alfresco dining. In many hotels, guest houses, camps, lodges and restaurants, meals are served outside along the terraces or in the gardens and along the beaches.  In the wild savannahs and national parks for instance, travelers can start the day with a bush breakfast after an early morning game drive and finish it with ‘sundowner’ drinks and snacks taking in the view of Kenya’s spectacular sunsets and mesmerizing scenery.

There is an incredible range of restaurants in Nairobi and around Kenya, covering a world of cuisines from Authentic Kenyan Cuisine and Game meat varieties to Korean BBQ, Italian and French cuisine, Ethiopian delicacies, Indian Tandoori specialties, Mexican and Brazilian fare. On the fast food range one can find Pizzas, Burgers at Debonaires and Pizza Inn restaurants, for chicken lovers there is KFC, Nandos, Steers, Kenchic  and  other fish, chicken and chips outlets.

Kenya prides itself for its variety of tropical fresh fruits, highland vegetables, fresh beef and lamb, fresh water Nile perch and highland trout and every kind of seafood fresh from the Indian Ocean. Also available are the variety of local beers e.g. Tusker and wines from the local vineyards as well as from vineyards in Europe and South Africa.

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